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Venacular Genres

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The Family Game


Some of my earliest memories of my time with extended family was playing tag football outside my grandmother's house in San Antonio. Due to her property being the corner of the block, the yard was very large and extended to the intersection of two streets. That was our field, and the games were never less than epic.


I've always been in a sports-crazy family, so every time we got together (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter), there would be the official touch football game. These games would bring together all the football fanatics, it didn't matter what age or size. From a young age, I was brought up cheering for the Dallas Cowboys, so football was a part of me (still is).


These yard games would span the generational gap, and was just one game of many that my relatives made a conscious effort to participate in. My family has always strived to include everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, whether it be Liar's Dice, 42, 31, Hold 'Em (newer to the family), Hierarchy, Wink, Spoons, etc.


The Game of the Gods


There was one particular game that protrudes from the depths of my memories like the iceberg that sunk the titanic. I must have been maybe 8 or 9 years old, and I remember it being cold outside. We had played for a while, so the football field was starting to get dark (we didn't have any lights). I was too little to have really impacted the game and up until then had just been running around, grateful to be included with the big boys.


Then, on what was agreed the last play of the game, my team looked to me. As the ball was snapped, my uncle Layton faked a pass and stuffed the ball under my shirt. A ran untouched to score the game-winning touchdown. It was a great feeling, and I owe it to my family's constant focus on including everyone.


Though it was just a football game, in many ways it is a good microcosm for the family as a whole. My team consists of my entire family, and just like a good football team, everyone counts on each other to win. Although some positions are more important than others, everyone does their part to support the team.


Although my family has gone through some challenges like losing our quarterback, my family will always support me and each other. We will always be a team, (and a damn good one at that)!

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