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The Wide Image(s)

Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 11 months ago

This is my wide image, the centering piece of this entire website.



This short film was edited using just the audio that I have recorded while filming moments of time among friends. I wanted this piece to reflect the many different images and sounds that find a way into my thought process. There is so much that we frequently see or hear in any given day of our lives that there is no possible way to measure the influence of these instances.



This is my wide image. The image that guides my way of thinking through this world of ours.


The thing is, my wide image is a series of images, which is very appropriate in light of the rest of the pages on my wide site. This site was designed from the ground up, with every new page being added as its own entity. Therefore, with these images as a guide, the content on this sight should lend itself to "map out the borders of my identity.


The reasons behind making a film for my wide image are numerous. First of all, the obvious: I aspire to be a filmmaker. What better medium to express these feelings and ideas and emotions towards everyone and everything that affects me. From very early on in this class, I felt as though film would play a big part in this website, and it has. My career discourse page was named "A Series of Images" before I even had an idea of where I was headed with the page and this entire project. On that page, I deal with the invention of Final Cut Pro and the advantages of non-linear editing. The footage for my wide images was edited entirely on Final Cut Pro, and I believe the pacing of the images will attest for its non-linear nature. The sounds were all taken from other footage, then juxtaposed for the greatest contrast between sound and image. Even the radiohead song, "The Tourist", was part of a recorded clip as background music.


With the images themselves, I tried to underscore the entire piece with the different images of fire I have collected. Throughout my Mystory I kept returning to the presence of fire...


...and how it has shaped my loved for storytelling and gathering with my friends. The fire has long been a centering tool for indigenous tribes where people would gather to share their experiences. Now I believe the fire serves to bring us together once again, away from the distractions of the modern world...


...and the way in which fire brings you closer to nature and to each other. When you build a camp fire, it is the only source of light and heat, allowing its participants to become truly connected, in a face-to-face way, body-to-body. In this way, the campfire builds connections between people, much like the linked nature of electracy...



...and the way in which I have described my move from Austin to Johnson City when I was little, as a trial by fire. My family and I were strengthened by this move because it was not the least bit easy. My mother has always said it was "the road not taken" that has made all the difference, and the road was definitely an adventure.


...and how fire is evident in my art page, which was constructed throughout the building process of this website. I believe my artwork also helps to crystallize the images that are buried somewhere in my psyche.








With everything said, here is THE WIDE IMAGE(S):




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