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The Quest Schema

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The Fugitive as Hero Narrative


Dr. Richard Kimble, a renown Chicago surgeon, lives in Chicago with his wife, his ORDINARY WORLD. When he finds his wife murdered, his is arrested and convicted of her murder, subsequently being sentenced to death, his OUTER PROBLEM. On the way to the prison, Kimble escapes from his wrecked prison bus and decides to run.


When this decision is made to evade law enforcement, Richard Kimble enters the JOURNEY to find the one-armed man who killed his wife (his INNER PROBLEM) and justify that he is not his wife's murderer. As an investigation begins to find the escaped murderer, Special Agent Sam Gerard is one the case. Although he is hot on the trail of Kimble, Kimble leaves a trail of clues as he discovers them for Gerard to decode, clues that point towards a different murderer involved in a larger scheme.


In this way, Sam Gerard becomes Kimble's SHADOW MENTOR, the only one who knows that Kimble could, in fact, be not guilty of the crime he was charged for. Gerard acts as Kimble's MENTOR as he tests Kimble's smarts and also has the MAGIC TOOL that Kimble so desperately desires, being cleared of his wife's murder. As Gerard is also a detective, he begins to realize that Richard Kimble is leading him with clues to the identity of another one-armed man, who the audience knows is the actual murderer. As Kimble leads the special agent deeper into the murder MYSTERY, the INNER and OUTER PROBLEMS become increasingly intertwined.


Another character enters the fray when Kimble contacts longtime friend and fellow doctor, Dr. Charles Nichols. As Charles is in Chicago, he tries to get Richard to tell him where he is so he can help, but we later learn in the course of the narrative that Nichols actually arranged the death of his wife. In this way, Nichols acts as the THRESHOLD GUARDIAN, protecting his own wrongdoing by trying to stop Kimble's personal investigation.


These three players come crashing together in the conclusion of the narrative, as Kimble confronts Nichols about having a hand in the murder of his wife, with Agent Gerard hot in pursuit. In the climax of the film, the hero Kimble is trying to be shot by Nichols, who is trying to be stopped by Gerard. In this final scene, the hero helps the mentor by saving his life, and Gerard pays back Kimble by realizing he didn't murder his wife. The HERO finally achieves both his INNER and OUTER CONFLICTS in the story.





The always incredible Harrison Ford playing the narrative's hero, DR. RICHARD KIMBLE.





Tommy Lee Jones playing the mentor, Special Agent SAM GERARD.

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