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Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years ago

"Review the documentation recorded in previous assignments and make links connecting any signifiers that repeat between any two registers."


Patterns in Mystory




First of all I have noticed that I have used fire in all of my discourses in one way or another. In my family discourse page, fire was my way of expressing the move from Austin (city) to Johnson City (country), a trial by fire. I had to go through some changes in my life to adjust to the move.


In my community discourse page, I use fire as a way to demonstrate how I made very strong relationships with my close friends, sitting around a campfire. This also helped crystallize my thoughts on my love for nature and the influence of living in the country.



Movies and Music


As I am pursuing a career in the field of entertainment, movies and music are a large part of what has shaped me and also how I identify with people I will be compatible with. Of course, mu entertainment discourse page and my career page deal with movies, but I also have assignments and pages that deal with bands like radiohead that have truly become a part of my identity.

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