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Memory Glimpse

Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 1 month ago

I don't remember my exact age when my family and I made a trip to Estes Park, Colorado for the first time, but I do remember how excited I was. Although the car trip felt like it took half a century, once we got there it was completely worth it. Estes Park was a smaller mountain town tucked into the Rockies with beautiful scenery and clean, cold air. Compared to the dry Texas climate, it was like heaven on earth.


My most distinct memory from that trip was a hike to the top of the Crystal Lake trail, a long, uphill descent that felt like it would never end. For a little kid, hiking was only fun the first 15 minutes and then became progressively harder. Anyway, after hiking fro maybe 2 hours off and on, my family and I finally reached the end of the trail as it opened up to the most serene mountain lake you can imagine. The water was as smooth as glass and reflected the mountains perfectly, inverting the snow covered peaks like a mirror. My family sat down next to the lake for a good while, just marveling at the beauty of it all.




After we started snacking, the cutest little chipmunks came up to us, obviously conditioned to be fed by humans. I started feeding the little guys, and before I knew it, one had jumped in my lap to claim me exclusively for feeding. It was amazing, sitting next to a magnificent mountain lake and feeding these tiny creatures out of my hands. I have a vivid picture in my memory of what that felt like to be seemingly on top of the world. The air was clean and cool to breathe in, and the scenery was breathtaking. The lake itself was surrounded on three sides by snow covered mountain ranges, and the view of Pike's Peak was incredible. It was as if time stopped just long enough for me to enjoy every aspect of that lake and those cute chipmunks. I use the word cute because there is no better word to describe the nature of an animal that will sit in your lap and eat out of your hands. These chipminks had distinct brown lines starting from their noses and running the length of their bodies. And as much as I enjoyed it, it was clear that my family did as well. The five of us just laid on our backs and let the sun warm our faces that day. It was definately the highlight of the trip for me and a memory that I will always have.


Leaving the lake was possibly harder than the hike up to it. It was like saying goodbye to the beauty of nature, only to capture it again some other time down the road. When you experience true beauty, especially in nature, it leaves a very unforgettable impression on you, like being touched by God himself. That memory also contributed heavily to my ever-growing love for the outdoors and for nature. For those few hours, everything seemed a bit less important and a little more green and refreshing. It was really an overwhelming feeling that can't truly be justified by this retelling. I have the memory of it, but that feeling cannot be captured again.

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