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Mapping Home

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The Map of My Head


These three points, with an equally strong pull between them, have done the heavy lifting in shaping my world.




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Trial by Fire


In our move from Austin to the hill country, I represent the move with a jagged line. This signifies the changes that occurred not just in my lifestyle but also at the way I "attuned" myself to the world around me.


If you look at the design that was formed (bare with me), it almost looks like a single flame. This burning flame between the three major spots in my life epitomizes the journey that I have been through in surviving the wild. All the journeys that have changed me have taken place since I moved out of the city, and, in a way, into the unknown. This "trial by fire" so to speak also links together my love for our river property and my love for storytelling, as both become crystallized around a campfire.


My family took the road less traveled, and indeed that decision has made all the difference.

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