Hi, How Are You Doing Today?




This is me. This is Ben.




Me. Let me introduce myself.




My name is Ben.








Everything else about me you will find out soon enough.



Through various assignments and discourse pages following the Gregory Ulmer text, "Internet Invention: From Literacy to Electracy," I have documented my experiences that have influenced my perspective on the world around me.


Now, its up to you to choose a path through my "wide site".








There are two different paths to navigate through

the upcoming pages. One must decide to either:


1. Start from the foundations of my creative process, beginning with the first pages I constructed. Through this path you can recognize the progress I've made in both creative invention and web design. By starting here, you will be shown glimpses of my past and fragments of my future, culminating into my latest creation.



2. Begin at the end, with my last assignment, the WIDE IMAGE.