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Decision Scene

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If driving a nail flush into a board is an image for a decisive state of mind, what is a good image for your manner of making decisions? - Ulmer, pg. 76


Well, if driving a nail is decisive, then I think it is safe to say that my decision process is more like manually screwing a nail in that same board. I get the screw started in the board, and then take a break to step back and analyze my progress. Shortly after this break, I will resume screwing until it is almost complete. I will take one more step back to really take in the process, then finish screwing in the nail. I'm one to not be very brash about decisions, and I always like to try and scare myself out of doing something by realizing the absolute worst case scenario. If a group of my friends we're driving to Houston on a whim one night, I would hesitate and image rolling the car over before it explodes into a ball of fire. Understand what I'm getting at?


Boredom and Homesickness


I experience a "yearning for fulfillment" all the time. It starts with being "connected to the world" through television and the Internet, when in fact we aren't really connecting to anybody. Due to all these new communication technologies, our society is becoming more and more disconnected, satisfied with merely sending an email or posting a message on the web. What ever happened to being outside with your loved ones and actually being in eachother's presence? That's what older societies thrived on, a sense of community fellowship. In Native American societies, the central location in a tribe was the fire that functioned to bring everyone together to dance and tell stories. That's were my boredom and alienation comes from, from the disconnected nature of our current society.


This is were my yearning comes from. I need to be in the presence of others "away from it all", back to the essence of our world: nature. You want to know what alienates us: technology. As much good as technological advances have done in science and medicine, I feel our society is starting to alienate itself. Many people would rather sit in front of a computer and chat with their friends than actually making the effort to spend quality time with them.


I yearn for less cement, less excess, less manufactured light...


I yearn for..


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