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My cosmogram (Xanadu) consists of four places that have been influential in shaping the way I feel about the world around me:


Austin, TX

(Home) - Where I was born and raised, and the city I have returned to.


Johnson City, TX

(Home in the Hills) - Where I developed my love for the outdoors and of the amazing things nature can allow you to experience if your just quite enough..


San Antonio, TX

(Fellowship with Family) - Where many of my extended family lives; a place that lives in my childhood memories and still nutures my relationships with close relatives.


Estes Park, CO

(Home Away From Home) - Although it was hundreds of miles away from Home, it still felt like a home to me; a small town and surrounding mountains that first opened my eyes to the wonders of this world, where everything takes a backseat to the wonder of creation...




In my cosmogram, it is interesting to try and find connections between these places. Geographically speaking, Austin, San Antonio, and Johnson City form a triangle, which I believe appropriatly illustrates the even attraction between these places for me. I have a wealth of enjoyable and unforgettable memories in all three locations with my family and friends.


Austin represents the place where I spent my childhood. I had a great group of friends that lived in my neighborhood, which is always the case isn't it? When you're young you don't carry as many pretenses but rather make friends that live close to you in order to spend as much time with them as possible. My best friends at the time were my next-door neighbors, who together we made forts, explored the woods behind my house, and climbed trees to spy on other neighbors. Austin wasn't a city for me, but a neighborhood. My neighborhood was about as far as my mind could reach, being that there was an infinite amount of trouble to get into.


San Antonio was always where i would go to visit my relatives, as both sets of grandparents lived in adjacent neighborhoods. Contrary to most people I know, I would look forward to seeing my relatives because they would always make it fun for the little cousins. My grandmother's house was the epicenter of the fun, where you could always find a card game going on. I remember spending a summer at my grandmother's house (called Camp Granny) and being perfectly at home and content.


The property my parent's purchased outside of Johnson City was totally different than Austin or San Antonio. The property, as well as my own perceptions, had to be cultivated before becoming "a home" to me. I had to adjust to a different way of living, and today I am grateful for the experience of living out in the country. It was always an adventure, being flooded in by the river or feeding deer off of our porch. The move from Austin at the time was difficult on my parents, but I will always be thankful for their risktaking.


Estes Park, my "home away from home", taught me to be content in the wilderness and to enjoy nature and the outdoors. Although it was outside of " the triangle", it taught me to view the other three places as "home" as well. When you sit on a mountain and look out over all of the earth's beauty, it gives you a profound feeling a peace and understanding. Estes Park has made me appreciate the decisions my parents made to be adventurous and move to the country.





In this way, I believe I have cultivated four separate places as "homes" in my mind, places I can take comfort in the memories I have made and shared. The saying goes, "Home is where the heart is.." Well, for me I have been lucky enough to have four places I call home, all of which have shaped me in different ways. I believe each place has a special piece of who I am today, and have cultivated my character and my beliefs. Without one piece, I would not share the same outlook.


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