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Automatic Emblems

Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years ago

My Very Own Readymade

Courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue




Mr. Mannequin


This is my very own Readymade, which I thought worked out nicely. Mannequins just look undeniably weird without clothes on. I used a mannequin because (and this is going to be an Ulmer stretch) in my entertainment discourse, the object of my childhood fears was this "One-Armed Man" from the movie, "The Fugitive". In the movie, the antagonist has one prosthetic arm, which made me think of the mannequin my roommate stole from behind a Saks Fifth Avenue.


It is art, because you only see mannequins clothed and covered, never in their naked form, their "essence".


And then I manufactured a weird red cap to make the art piece that much more interesting. Does it work?


I also did some photoshop work to one of the photos on my art page.


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