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Around the Fire

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A Story of Friends


My three best friends from my time at Johnson City were forged in the many fires we have shared in fellowship.

Around the campfire, surrounded by nature and water, you forget about the distractions of the world and truly enjoy one another's company.

Back in the old country they called this kind of thing "fellowship".



The campfire was a setting (a "bar" type atmosphere)

where there were no pretenses and nothing to hold back.

The discusions I have had are as honest as they are raw,

and you learn a great deal about someone when you

turn off the computers and get reconnected to your friends.

The fire (bar) acts as a centering device, meant to draw

you away from the other distractions of this technical

clusterfuck and back to the essence of nature, a place

I like to be.




This is a photo I took at sunset when we were camping on the river. The sound of running water, the beautiful sky painted in yellow and red, it was almost too much beauty to handle.



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