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Ad Art

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All About An Image


The advertisement I chose to use for this assignment is an ad for the new MotoRizr phone in Rolling Stone. I found this ad very interesting because it "stung" me as something familiar. The ad is trying to sell you the newest Razr phone from Motorola, as if your phone doesn't work anymore. The ad is designed to almost give the product mythical value or something, with the phone being held like the "magic tool".


The problem I found with the ad was that it contributes to the American tendency to always have to have the newest whatever, whether it be electronics, clothes, cars, etc. This is what fuels consumerism, the idea that what we have is never good enough. This is the never-ending race to "keep up with the Jones'", because of course their children have the newest Rizr phone. The ad also uses some sex appeal by putting a beautiful women as the person holding the phone.





When I finally came to realize what it reminded me of, it fit perfect for the assignment. The art in the ad totally gave me memories of a movie poster; that movie being the original Star Wars poster. This is quite possibly an Ulmer stretch, but hear me out. In the ad, the attention is most certainly being drawn to the new Razr phone, accented by the glint of light. This also reminds me of the light that protrudes from Luke's lightsaber. And the women in the ad also looks a bit like Princess Laya when she is in Jaba's flying lunch station.




This Rizr phone ad could work as a movie in that maybe this lady with her "magic tool" is the "donor" character of this movie.

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